Being in your Late Twenties is Still Weird

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I was reading, “Being in your early twenties is…weird” on A Dash of Michaela and started to think about my early twenties. That’s how you know it was a good piece, because it caused me to reflect on what it was like in my early twenties. Oh to be young, and have no idea what’s going on…so bittersweet.

I miss my Early 20s

I miss my early twenties. A LOT! You get to do a lot of dumb stuff and blame it on being in that age group. Yes, I did use my age as a scapegoat quite a few times and I loved being able to do so. But, and that’s a strong but, there’s this feeling that in your early twenties you are going to know exactly what you want and you are going to be exactly who you have always wanted to be. *Insert chuckle* Issa lie. Issa damned lie.

I thought I would be a lawyer back then (boy, was I wrong) and that I would love working in an office. Back then I used to hate writing or journaling. I used to hate addressing my feelings and being vulnerable. The thought of putting videos on YouTube was a definite no-no too. Yes, you guessed it…I am doing ALL of those things now.

The Late Twenties

That’s where the late twenties, 25+ years but before 30, comes in. And those years are just as “weird” as the first few. I’m 28 now and even though it makes me sad to think that I’ve left all of the good dumb times behind, I’m at an age where I’ve noticed this strange transformation in my life. It’s almost like an awakening to who I actually am and it isn’t who I thought I would be when I was 22 years old.

My late twenties ushered in a lot of discomfort and it required time spent alone. I continued to be social in my early twenties coming out of college. But in my late twenties it was almost like solitary confinement and I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it because I needed the quiet to get to know myself and maybe figure out how I was going to mold my everyday life to my personality and my likes. It has become a state of constant transition. A constant state of adjustment. The time that I spent alone getting to this stage in my life and continue to spend alone has been and continues to be reflective. I anticipate that I have more growing to do and I am okay with what I have settled into and what I am still trying to figure out.

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