The Irony in When I got hit on via LinkedIn

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What is Going on with LinkedIn these days?

LinkedIn has taken a strange turn recently. So much so that it makes me nauseous. This is a professional social media platform, but at times I feel like I’ve veered off into Facebook. And, I like to keep my time on Facebook as minimal as possible. Facebook is bordering on accidentally landing on a spam site and getting hit with pop up after pop up after pop up.

LinkedIn content should only be work relevant. Therefore posts from businesses about business is relevant, posts from recruiters about how to stand out from other applicants is relevant, and posts from entrepreneurs about their endeavors are also relevant. Let me tell you what is not relevant…asking me out to dinner in my LinkedIn messages.

Sliding into LinkedIn DMs? Really?

So when one fellow decided to ask me out dinner via LinkedIn, he got curved. Funny enough, days later, he put another man on blast via LinkedIn for hitting on him through LinkedIn messages. Oh, his post was ridiculous y’all. Absolutely ridiculous. Whether or not he realized it, it was painfully contradictory because of course, there were the parts that showed how upset he was to be hit on via LinkedIn. At one point in his longwinded post, blasting another man on LinkedIn, like it was Instagram expose, he wrote, “I love GOD, I am not into men, and I am on LinkedIn for business NOT HOOK UPS!”

Hahahahaha. I still get a good laugh at that part.

Here is a word of advice to this young man: if you don’t like being hit on through a professional platform then don’t hit on women using the SAME EXACT PLATFORM. If you don’t like when men slide into your LinkedIn messages, why would you slide into a woman’s? My father always says, “Do so, don’t like so” and I guess this fool didn’t “like so.”

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