Why are we still making New Year’s Resolutions?

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As every year draws to a close, people start talking about what they are GOING TO DO in the upcoming year. They start talking about what their “resolutions” are.

So here we are guys! It’s 2018! And guess what I’m not doing…drumroll please! I’m not making any resolutions. My question is, why are we still making New Year’s Resolutions?



Have you ever heard the saying, tell God your plans and he laughs? That’s what has happened to every one of my “New Year’s Resolutions.” God was up there, having a hearty, knee-slapping laugh every time I made a resolution. You know why? Because resolutions are overzealous, not thought out, sort of-maybe promises to do something that we never put much consideration into actually doing. Or maybe that’s just me.

Set Goals and Hold Yourself Accountable

You know what I have actually been able to accomplish? What I have consistently and continuously worked on, regardless of what year is ending and what year is beginning. I set my goals and [attempt to] hold myself accountable to what I want to achieve. Then, I come up with a vision for what I want and fine tune and tweak it as I go along. I pray about what I want to do and open myself up to ideas and criticisms. I don’t need the roll out of a new year to do that. Think of what you want, come up with a strategy for it and go after it mercilessly.

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