4 Terrible Movies You Must Watch on Netflix!

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I love Netflix you guys, but I think they are just putting up movies for the heck of it. If I’m not watching HBO during the GOT/Insecure season, then Netflix is my go-to streaming service. The endless amount of great movies and shows that are hosted on that platform makes it one of the best streaming sites and I’m sure no one can [really] argue against that point. Irregardless, I still had to, no, needed to, make this list. This list consists of 4 terrible movies that you can stream on Netflix and my reasons for why they’re so bad. Please note, this list may have spoilers.

1. What Happened to Monday?


I don’t even know where to start with this movie. If this was adapted from a book, either the book wasn’t that good or the movie did it no justice. The movie is…what’s a nicer way of saying, bad? And I think what added on to that is that I expected it to be good. Considering the roster of actors and the sci-fi premise, I was actually excited to watch it. 

The film is set somewhere in the future where the world has finally overpopulated and the government has no choice but to do something about it. In this case, they limit the amount of children people can have and if people have more than the maximum amount, they take the kids away. It starred Noomi Rapace from the original Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Glenn Close and one of the Spiderman villains (the one that was James Franco’s daddy). This movie has all of the makings of what can be a good film: good actors, a believable premise, a couple of [predictable] plot twists…but it misses the mark.

The story telling gets a tad bit lost. At first, you’re kind of into it and then it slowly starts to take a decline. The characters weren’t really developed but they never really are in any action movie. What made me cringe from time to time was how bad the extras were. Yes, you read that correctly. One of my reasons for why this movie is bad, is the extras. Sometimes, I’d be distracted from what was happening in certain scenes because the extras were terrible. All of that made it a very ehh-watching experience.

2. Chappie

Chappie is [another] sci-fi action movie but it is based in what is modern day South Africa. The premise: machines are successfully being used to police the country but a scientist decides he wants to really humanize the same machines so then it’s all downhill from there. The characters were bland and painfully stereotypical. There were nonsensical leaps just to keep the plot moving and the ending made no sense at all. It felt rushed. I’m almost certain all of Hugh Jackman’s scenes were filmed in one day, maybe two if I’m being generous. That’s how rushed it felt. I watched this all the way to the end, hoping for some sort of retribution but that never came. It’s still, at times, funny so definitely watch it.

3. El Camino Christmas

This is the only non sci-fi movie on this list and it is a Netflix original. This is what I like to call a reflective comedy. It’s funny but the characters and their relationships with each other are supposed to make us realize that people aren’t good or bad, they just do good or bad things, and mess up from time to time, right? I think I’m right. I laughed while watching it. Dax Shephard and Tim Allen made for some good comedic moments, however, this was one that kind of had a let’s just wrap this up with a happy ending thing that left…what’s that saying… “Much to be desired.” I expected more. I hoped for more. The movie just scratched the surface when it could have kept pushing and bringing out more from its characters…and then it just ended.

4. Bright

Oh yeah, I put Bright on here. I saved it for last too. I did it mostly because of the amount of times a day that I’ve seen it on my Twitter or Instagram timeline since it’s release on Netflix. So let me just go ahead and put it out there, this movie is bad. It pains me to say this though, because it’s good too. I watched it twice. As an action movie, it gets a strong two thumbs up, but as anything else…nope, it’s awful.

This is yet another sci-fi action movie, and I’m starting to see why that’s dangerous. It limits the ability to give us well thought out, multi-dimensional characters. This movie overtly attempts to show how different species that have deep-seated prejudices towards each other and who are confined to a rigid class system, can come together to ultimately defeat evil. The premise behind this movie is clearly a good one, but for it to be toted about like it’s bringing some groundbreaking concepts to the forefront is a bit much you guys.

It relied on Stereotypes to dismantle Prejudice?

I’m confused as to why the story still relied on real life stereotypes to show us that being prejudiced is wrong. For example, even in a fictional story, the wealthy class (which are the elves) lack color diversity. They were all white. Don’t get me wrong, they were all elves, BUT THEY WERE ALL WHITE. This is the same issue that we have across all sci-fi content. How is it that fictional characters can still manage to lack pigmented complexions? However, like with other sci-fi content, I can get over that if the characters have something to offer.

The Orcs are the unfavorable and low-class characters in the story. They were dressed in urban attire and associated with gang related activity. This movie decided to squeeze in the conventional Black people hanging around outside blasting music and the overzealous Mexican gang bangers. You know, traditional L.A.

And let’s not forget the nice girl elf who is so powerful and majestic but still needs to be saved by two men. She ran around scared behind them most of the time, but would then bust out some moves when the men needed it most, and then go back to being feeble and scared. That was the BEST touch of all.

I’m trying to understand how a movie that’s attempting to battle racism and sexism, relied so heavily on those things anyway. Like I said before, this movie as an action flick is dope but as anything else, it’s a strong no.

So that’s my list you guys. With all of that being said, leave your own opinions on these movies if you’ve watched any of them. And if you haven’t go and watch them as soon as possible so we can trash talk them together. Lol just kidding.

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