Beyond Stranger Things

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What: Beyond Stranger Things

Where: Netflix

Summary: A multi-episode post season recap with Jim Rash as he interviews the cast, creators and director of Stranger Things.

My Thoughts:

Stranger Things –  Season 2

The second season of Stranger Things aired and I am more than certain that we all binge watched within 24-72 hours…like we should have. I know I am not the only one who thought the second season was just as good as the first. Nothing happening in the town of Hawkins makes any sense: there’s a girl who has telekinetic powers and there’s a shadow demon trying to destroy the town. However, outside of all of this hard to follow, mystical stuff happening, what is at the heart of Stranger Things is an excellent show, with great story telling and authentic character development that builds and builds.

Beyond Stranger Things: The Show about The Show

Unfortunately, this Currently Consuming post isn’t actually about the “Stranger Things.” This post is about the show about the show which is called, “Beyond Stranger Things” where Jim Rash (Community, Girl Boss, The Descendants) interviews the director, some of the cast members (Winona doesn’t make an appearance) and the show’s creators about the second season. If you’re a bit of a nerd like me, you loved this as much as you loved the show. I thought it was awesome.

It was great to watch some of the actors discuss their characters and the strange events occurring in the town of Hawkins, Indiana.  Regardless, I like how some of the discussions touched on the growth of some of the characters whether the characters were old or if they were new.

The Duffer Brothers

In the end, it was more interesting for me to watch the creators,  The Duffer Brothers as they all sat down with parts of their cast and the interviewer Jim Rash. My favorite thing to do with any art is zone in on an artist and learn their reasons for creating their work. Let’s just say that the twins are a tad bit socially awkward and the fact that they grew up feeling like outcasts lends a hand to understanding why Stranger Things is the phenomenon that it is.

Stranger Things was simply created around the Duffer Brothers: the games they like to play and their adolescent experiences. As a result, it excites me that their work is amazing to watch and has become extremely successful. Many of their life experiences played minor to major roles in the story and plot.

Quit a few gems are dropped in these recaps so I think everyone who enjoyed the show, should watch. Also, Bill Nye pops up for like a smooth second.

Rating: I Loved it!

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