J.I.D. | The Never Story

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What: The Never Story. It is rapper J.I.D.’s debut studio album.

Where: You can stream the album on Soundcloud and Tidal and purchase on iTunes / Apple Music.

Summary: The Never Story is 12 tracks long.

My Thoughts:

So One Musicfest 2017 happened and J.I.D. was one of the acts for the first night. The first night was filled with acts I never heard of before but I enjoyed the music.

I may have heard glimpses of songs by J.I.D. but never really paid attention to him until watching his set at One Musicfest. Not only did he perform, but he also brought on a duo from the same label, “Dreamville”, EarthGang. Since then I pulled him up on Tidal and started listening to his album “The Never Story.”

J.I.D. is both talented and very smart. I can’t say that I’m a fan but I did like his performance and I do like this album. The album is really solid because the flow and sound is consistent. and the artistry is definitely there.

My favorite songs on the album are:

1. Never

2. D/vision (ft. EarthGang)

3. All Bad (ft. Mereba)

4. Underwear

5. 8701 (ft. 6lack)

Rating: I get it, I get it [4 out of 5 star rating]

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