Eucalyptus Oil

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Eucalyptus oil wasn’t even going to be my obsession for the month of February. However, I got this terrible cold in January and Eucalyptus was a big help to getting over it. Therefore, I definitely needed to highlight it. Below are reasons for why Eucalyptus Oil has been a part of my wellness regimen and an obsession.

♦ There are quite a few benefits to Eucalyptus. It is a holistic way to help prevent colds and respiratory problems, and it can stimulate your immune system. Here is a full list of benefits. Quite a few of cold/flu related medications like Vicks/VapoRub use Eucalyptus. FYI, Vicks/VapoRub is exactly what Eucalyptus smells like.

♦ You don’t need a lot of Eucalyptus Oil, so a lot goes a long way.

♦ How to use:

I put a few drops in my shower in the morning so that the oil is activated in the hot water and steam. This way it’s working on my cold and congestion while I’m in the shower. At night, I would put a few drops into the water tank of my humidifier as well.

The brand that I have been using in particular is from Aura Cacia, however I purchased it from my local Walgreens almost a year ago.

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