The Incredible Jessica James

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So this is a really dope movie and I love it, so you should go and watch it.

The End.

No just kidding.

The Incredible Jessica James stars Jessica Wiley (previously of The Daily Show) who is amazing. The other actors portrayed their characters well and are pretty awesome too. I am low-key obsessed with Lakeith Stansfield (Atlanta) so watching him was a pleasure.

The one hiccup I had was about the main character’s sister and to be fair, it’s a pretty dumb hiccup because it really is just a reflection of how anal I can be. I am pretty sure the sister was a teen mom.

I love this movie because it explores characters based on them being humans and going through very human emotions, relationships and interactions. Jessica is struggling with  loving her passion so much but having what she loves not come to fruition. And that is really a theme of life, right? Like working really hard for things for them to feel like they are constantly out of grasp.

It was witty but has that really dry sense of humor. It was smart but easy to understand and overall a really enjoyable experience. I rate this a, “you better go and watch it.” I honestly can’t wait to see what all of the actors do next in their careers.

“The Incredible Jessica James” can be streamed on Netflix.

I would have put this in “Currently Consuming” but since it’s a movie and not a series or an album, I put it in “Obsessions” instead.

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